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Get the WOW-factor with a stylish Wet Room

If you’re looking for something a bit different to the traditional bath or shower room, why not go for a luxurious wet room? Prestige Wet Rooms Designers in Reading will not only design and install something that looks fantastic with their elegant, contemporary style, they’ll even add more value to your property.

Prestige Bathrooms & Design is a specialist wet room installation company. We love the technical challenge that this work involves, but we’re also focused on providing bespoke solutions … We‘ll work with you to design and build a wet room that’s practical, beautiful and makes the most of the space available.

What is a Wet Room Design?

A wet room is essentially a shower room that doesn’t have the screen or tray. It’s an open, fully tiled shower area with a drain built into the flooring.

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Why use Prestige Wet Rooms Designers in Reading?

Here are some of the benefits of a Wet Room

Wet rooms are becoming more and more popular both because of their value-adding factor and because there’s an option available to suit every style/budget. But there are some other rather nice perks, too …

More Space

Wet rooms are ideal for small bathrooms. When you take the bath out of the equation, there’s more room for you to have a proper, luxurious shower.

Great to look at

Wet rooms ooze style and luxury and will impress your guests (and/or future home buyers!)

Easier to clean

There are no mould-attracting shower screens or trays to bother with. (We don’t know anyone who doesn’t LOVE this particular perk!)

Ideal for those with mobility issues

Seats and rails can easily be added to make your wet room as accessible as possible.

Better floor protection

Professionally fitted wet rooms have stronger flooring (under the tiles) than regular bathrooms.

Optional heated stone flooring

Perfect to step out onto after a rejuvenating shower. (And also allows wet surfaces to dry faster.)

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