Bespoke Ensuite Bathroom Designers Reading

When it comes to bathrooms, Prestige En Suite Bathroom Designers Reading are the leading choice for our clients throughout Berkshire and the surrounding areas. En suites tend to be associated with master bedrooms that have large areas available to use as a bathing area. But, the reality is, you can have a lovely, luxurious en suite in the smallest of spaces.

In fact, there are lots of interesting en suite options to choose from … bathrooms, shower rooms, wet rooms, connected-by-door, open plan, or your very own spa! It’s all about making the best use of the space, and that’s where a good en suite design service comes in useful.

Meeting your exact requirements

Here, at Prestige Ensuite Bathroom Designers Reading, we can create an en suite to perfectly fit the space available as well as your unique needs. For example, if the space is small, we’ll look into space-saving options such as wall-mounted sinks, offset shower-baths and under-floor heating to eliminate the need for radiators.

And once we’ve worked with you to get the design right, we’ll then get on with the fit and finish, ensuring minimum amount of disruption to you and your family.

Ensuite Bathroom Portfolio

Why choose Prestige Ensuite Bathroom Designers Reading?


Customised planning and design

Every client’s needs are different, as is their taste in style, so we’ll work closely with you to design an en suite that’s tailored specifically to your requirements.

High-quality products and materials

All of the products we install are of a very high standard and come with guarantees.

Exceptional workmanship

All en suites are fitted and finished expertly, with care, and in a timely fashion.


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